How to Use Facebook Live in your marketing

An overview of the steps.

1. Why Facebook?
2. Verify your page.
3. Mentions versus live
4. How you’re going to use it in your business.
5. Why you need to do this.
1. Why Facebook?

We already know we use Facebook because it’s an RSS reader for news. I get up to date news from Facebook rather than watching the news.

We use it because it requires us to get logged in to other websites. For example in places where it says to use your Facebook log in. We can use it to build professional profile.

We use it to share our photos easy. We use it to offer free video messaging and instant chatting or messenger.

It’s a way of organizing our events, if we have events online, we can have a Facebook group and are often better than bulletin boards to tell people what’s going on with us or our business. It’s easier for us to remember birthdays. Facebook tells us who’s birthdays are when.

It gives small business owners an opportunity to put their video into marketing strategies. Images and videos have been extremely popular when it comes to social media marketing and by 2017, 69% of all traffic on the Internet will be from video. Videos satisfy people’s needs for information and entertainment instantly. If a picture paints a thousand words than one minute of video is worth 1.8 million.
Looking at Periscope-like I just mentioned, 29% of these users are women. There are 10 million Periscope users, and 1.85 million are active on the Internet. If you think about Periscope, and you compare that to the new Facebook Live marketing tool, you can see how excited I am and about how much this is just going to make your business explode. We also know that people are watching 40 years of Live video every day which is very huge.

Facebook marketing:
We already know that since Facebook introduced the advertising that when you have your ideal client, which you should all have or your dream client. We can specifically target that client through Facebook marketing and ads. We know that the ads are cheap compared to our traditional forms of marketing. We can also boost a video to your audience. We are aware that Facebook is rewarding for those people who are now using Live. We already have seen that. The very few handful of people that are using this, are getting rewards and benefits.
We know for a fact that people are being notified when you are going Live. That’s like pushing out a notification saying, “Hey, Leanne’s going live!”, and you can jump on and watch it. Unbelievable. If you got a thousand friends, that’s a thousand more opportunities to get in front of them to share your knowledge and your experience and to build what we all know what you should be doing is a relationship in social media. People can subscribe to your Live feed as well. People just push Subscribe, and they’ll be notified. It’s a brilliant opportunity from Facebook marketing. I’m just so excited.

We also know that with Facebook we can tag. We can tag people to get our picture out there. Now you can tag people with video. That will also bring people into your loop, your Facebook Live streaming. Now, obviously, there’s a little bit of etiquette around tagging. You shouldn’t go out and willy nilly tag everybody because you’re going to start upsetting people. However, if you’re going to talk to somebody, you can tag them to bring them back to your Facebook Live. Very, very exciting times.

2. Verify your page
If you haven’t already seen this on your Facebook page, you may need to contact them and actually get verified. I’ve had no trouble with my pages, but I have heard other people have. What you need to do is go to your Facebook page, go to Settings, go to General, and you should see a button there, says Verify Your Page. If you don’t have that verifying option, maybe your Facebook page is still a little bit new. There’s a link there that you can now go and actually apply to have your Facebook page verified.

Now, verifying your page means providing some evidence that your business is a legitimate business so that it could be registered business name, trading name, it could be your ABN, it could be your phone bill or utilities bill. Facebook will tell you, or they might even just give you a call. It depends on where they’re. Check that out. You need to be verified. You need to be verified if you want to be … I think, we’re not sure when, but the next roll out of using Facebook Live on your business page.

Here’s the form that you can fill in. For those of you that might be watching this webinar, just take a uick screenshot of that, so you can now contact Facebook and become verified. Extremely important. You get that little green tick on your Facebook page. That is a must-do today. By the end of this webinar, go and do that.

3. Mentions versus Live

At the moment, when you look at your iPhone or your phone, you should have this little icon on there. I’ll show you in the next screen what I’m talking about. If you don’t have it, it means it’s actually not rolled out to you just yet. Which is a shame, right? Keep checking your phone and you’ll eventually see the new record button there.
Mentions is an app that you download from the Internet. That is what you use for your Facebook fan page. However, it’s not available for those that aren’t verified on their Facebook page. It’s also not available yet to every fan page. It’s only available for celebrities, journalists, and probably those high-flying clients that would use video more often. Now, obviously, Facebook has a strategy around why they’re doing that. I can’t tell you what it is, but I know that I’ve already downloaded the Mentions button.

For example, my Facebook page is already verified, and I’m just waiting for the opportunity to broadcast live onto my business page. I can broadcast live onto my personal profile page, and I can share that with my business page. I can share that with groups. I can share my Live feed with just normal people. I don’t need to go public up the top. I can share it with just about anybody in my groups, or my friends, or my family, that I want. Don’t be scared that you know what? … You’re going to make a fool of yourself going out there broadcasting Live to everybody. The whole idea of Live-streaming is the fact that people love raw and real content. We sort of doing that little bit, don’t we? With our photos. This is an opportunity to showcase who you really are.
How to go Live? It is very simple;

☑ You click on this new little button there at the bottom where it says “New,” “Record” and “Share.”
☑ The next button that you’ll see is “Go Live on Facebook” and “Continue.”
☑ You go “Continue.”
☑ Up the top here, you can change the camera around. If it’s facing the wrong way and then in here, you describe your video. This is where you talk about your product and services, what will happen and so on.
☑ Then there is that little “Public” button there. If you choose not to go public, you can make that personal or private to whoever you want it to go to.
☑ Then you click the “Live” button, and then that’s it. You’re Live.

What will happen is people will start connecting and joining with you. The whole idea is now that you’re going actually to engage with these people. Say hello to them, spend the first four or five people that jump on …talk to them, get them to put comments in. All the comments that they make on this Live feed go into the post, and we know how important it is to have Likes, Comments, and Shares.
Engage with these people. Ask them how their day is and then talk about your subject.

What could you use Live for?

➢ You could ask customers for feedback.
➢ You could talk about a new product or service.
➢ You could show people how you’re cooking a recipe.
➢ You could show them the back end of your kitchen.
➢ You could showcase your store.
➢ You could walk through your favorites like talk about your favorite subject.
➢ You could share that awful opinion. Whatever it is, but have a strategy around it

What I mean by that is, we should be actually getting people off social media. That should be one of your strategies. Saying that for example, if you watch my Facebook Live, and you came to this webinar, that’s a strategy to get you off Facebook. That’s for me to get in front of you and teach you some more about Facebook Live.

Think about your strategy. It could be coming to the store and enter the competition or whatever. Anyway, I’m brain dead with strategies because I’m so excited about what Live can do for you. Just think about what strategy you can do. What happens is, when you post this, this will be Live in the news feed, and people will start engaging with you. You can even use it as a live Q&A, who knows? Create opportunity guys. You could actually start creating your TV show.
Why do you need this?
We already know and covered that the video is the content king and queen. You can edit this after you’ve done it, so after you’ve done your broadcast, you can edit it. You can embed this into your blog, your website. You can upload it to YouTube to get even more people. We already know that it engages your audience.
You can put links to your products, to your website. It’s the most powerful medium in your marketing toolbox today. Watch this space. It’s about being real, being relevant, and being raw. You know you can do this, you can create your Livestream show you can get creative. The options are endless. You can set a date, time of week, give it a name and let your followers know that you’re doing a show. Doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Social media is about giving you a platform to express yourself and your brand, or your product and services. Make the most of it.
It also provides you with engagement. What makes Facebook Live at this very moment is one of the most powerful choices that you can make as a business marketer. The audience that you have, as I said, is already on Facebook, unless you’re targeting some other market. This means that when you go Live, they’re already there, tuned in, ready to watch. You don’t need to wait for followers to find you on Periscope through Twitter or whatever. They don’t have to locate a special link. They don’t have to download another app. Everything is inside Facebook with one purpose. Everything that you need right now is there. No questions about it.

The viewers can chat with you, and they can talk to you in the Comment section while you’re going Live. This allows you to do talk back answers and questions directly in video and real time. They can also easily share it with their friends who are conveniently located inside Facebook as well. Unlike other streaming sites where the chat disappears, like with Periscope … It’s there for 24 hours and then it’s gone. This will always be in your Facebook wall, on our feed. It’s so, so, so exciting.

People will be getting notified that somebody in their newsfeed has gone Live. Instead of grabbing their attention, what happens is they get this little Push Notification saying, “Leanne is going Live,” which is so much more personal and professional. When you go Live, your subscriber’s phone will light up and let them know. Forget about those algorithm changes when you’re commanding and rocking their attention. The minute you go Live, they’re notified.

You can now embed this into your other platforms that you’re using. You can reuse your videos from Facebook Live, place them on your website, on your blog. This can be easily done by using the Facebook Embed Tool. You can have weekly or daily blogging. Blogging is still very good. You can use blogging, and you can also give outstanding content. Live streaming can be very easy and quick. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, digestible content, granted, those with edited videos are always perfectly sliced together, but this is not about perfection. This is about you being Live.

Not every one of your videos will be embed worthy. Just play around with it. Do what you can, but the main thing, like Nike, says, “Just do it.” You can create your own TV show, get creative. If you dream it, you can make it happen. If you want your own show, set a time and a day of the week where you will go live and answer questions. Give it a name. Let your followers know. Social media is about giving yourself a platform to express your brand. Take advantage of it, guys. Connect with your followers. Send them a personal message saying, “Hey, I’m going Live in 5 minutes.

The other thing to consider too is when you’re doing a Facebook Live Feed on your profile, the minimum time that you should do this is 5 minutes. This is because 5 minutes is long enough for someone to jump on board catch up to where you’re at, might even make a few comments. Even if nobody jumps on there, don’t worry about it. Just keep talking for 5 minutes. The longest you can do on your profile is about 30 minutes, so don’t get too carried away and think you’re going to have this huge webinar show. Keep it down to 30 minutes.

A bonus tip for you is here: Set your status to Public and share the link to your business page, and you’re Live on both. What I did today, I said, “Going Live in 5 minutes with Facebook Live.” Gave people enough opportunity to get ready, get themselves a cup of coffee, whatever. Those of you that may be feeling a little bit scared, don’t be scared. It is easy, you push the button, you talk. Obviously, you need to have some strategy around what you’re talking about. Talk about what you’re talking about. Have some small call to action. I’m not saying get out there and flog your products to them the first time in because they won’t like that. Don’t be scared. Be real.
A recap.

What we’ve covered is;

Why Facebook? We already know the power of Facebook, but why would you want to use it now even more so.

We covered how you need to verify your page and why your should verify your page.

The difference between Mentions and Live; how to use it and why you need to do this.
It’s very, very important for you to be surviving. I always say to people, “If you got a bricks and mortar business, you need to have an online presence”. 54% of people are using their mobile devices to search for local businesses, so if they’re not finding you online, they’re actually walking straight past your store to the next store or the next business. It’s extremely important. The Facebook algorithm now is synced behind the scenes with Google. It never was. This is another great opportunity to get your business out there and showcase it.


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