Do Successful people read a lot of books? Great question.

When I first started my personal development journey I was told that a goal of mine should be to read at least one book a month, on a subject that I am interested in, obviously.

I wasn’t an avid reader at school, my school days were more about imagining what my life would be like, looking at the window and not paying a great deal of attention to the teacher.

So to read was initially a struggle, however quickly I was able to see how my life was changing, and more so how my business was improving. Each month I made a goal to read at least one book! One of the first books was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, a fantastic book, I think i have read this at least 4 times in the last 7 years.

Today I wanted to do a Facebook live event to show the books that I have read in the last month, at the moment, my thirst for knowledge has increased substantially and I have read 4 books in the last 6 weeks. So enjoy the video and feel free to share and like and comment with your favourite book.