How to clear emotional trauma

Everything is energy and is vibrating within us and all around us.

Every experience and memory that we experience as a human body is embedded deep into our cells. There are many articles and information on the internet to show you just how the cells of our body replace, and I am sure that you have heard that every 7 years the entire human body is replaced with new cells.

Regarding a traumatic experience like rape or sexual abuse, we know that the body will undergo extensive trauma and pain both physically and emotionally. The emotional trauma has just as much of an effect on the cells of our body as the physical.

We often call energy in motion is emotion. What happens when this energy or emotions get stuck in our bodies?

Well we often see a physical symptoms occur, this could be from anything like a rash to a back pain. All physical elements have started out as energy being tramped in out cells.

Now if we don’t look at our emotions or the energy that is blocked, we can become very sick and ill.

During and after any form of trauma and the experience of emotional trauma can create an energy block or a limiting belief, if we are not aware of these or we don’t look at working with them, they will keep reoccurring over and over again throughout our lives, sometimes we will be completely unconscious of these circumstances and sometime we may have full awareness, however not sure how to fix the problem, or question what is actually occurring.

We need to work on these trapped energy and associated emotions and finally replace them with positive beliefs that will serve our highest good.

There are many modalities and tools that help us release these energy blocks and they include charka balance, reiki, meditation, essential oils, coaching and breathe work. Personally, I have had all of these and continue to use some on a daily basis.

Even when we feel great there could be an emotional blockage somewhere in our charkas or meridians.

Trauma or any negative or positive energy that is not dealt with seeds itself into the cells of our there are many modalities that can help you clear your trauma.

The first step to emotional healing and releasing the trauma is to work with essential oils to start and start with:

Meditation: this will allow you to slow your mind and rewire your current though pattern, for me it was and still is guilt and fear around my rape.

Journaling: keeping any type of journal or writing will allow the thoughts to be released from your brain, start with a gratitude journal if you are not feeling comfortable with sharing your deepest thoughts at first, however, I would suggest that you do work with these deep feelings. Journaling will invite calm and allow the emotional experience to be released.

Personal Assessment: honour you and your time, what can you do? Write a list of your personal strengths and positive qualities and on the other side your weaknesses or blocks that you may be aware of. This will help you identify what’s out of balance with your life and where to start.

Nature therapy: There is so much evidence around being outdoors and sitting and connecting with nature, try walking barefoot on the sand or grass, meditating against a huge tree, watching the birds and the river run. This will help you feel connected, grounded and peaceful.

Personal interests: What do you like to do? Find a therapy that resonates with you, this could be essential oils, reiki, play therapy, music or drama, personal development work, subconscious or hypnotherapy.

Healthy Habits: Start with drinking plenty of water, as your emotions start to move you need to flush out the toxins, take time out for physical activities, join the gym and eat well. Make sure that you get enough rest and allow your body to heal.

Make sure that you take time out to take about the trauma, find yourself a good friend that will listen or a family member, if this is not achievable book in for a 15 min free chat with me or seek out a phycologist.

More important and including all of the above, be gentle on yourself, this is not your fault, you should focus on allowing this trauma to be released so that you can recreate the amazing life that you were destined to have.

Much love Leanne