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Business today has changed, word of mouth marketing is still being the only form of marketing that counts, however what is changing is the way we communicate. A few years ago a business simply didn’t need to worry about having an “online presence” and the competition well they were just there. If you had a fully optimised website, you could dominate your space.

Now we all need to move into the world of social media marketing! What I have loved about using social media is that it is still a free option! Where else can you put your business in front of millions of potential clients? The issue is that business owners are creating their strategies or profiles and not really understanding the reason why social media is so successful, the reason is that it is a social networking platform, business owners need to create amazing content and live videos that will allow them to shine and show their real “awesomeness” to the potential clients. Don’t spend time thinking about how you can sell to them, think about what can you offer to show them and how will this benefit their lives. If you are feeling that you may need a little direction, just book a strategy session with me, I guarantee that you will have more information and unique intuitive ideas for your business that will lead you to success.

Today though, it seems like every business has a website and social media, despite this form of communication there are many businesses that are still not getting what online marketing is all about.

A few common mistakes I have seen include:

  • Spreading themselves too thin.
  • Optimising their website for SEO.
  • Forgetting to be a “human”.
  • And the biggest one is not educated about what online marketing can do for your business.

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